Home based and natural, as well as more conventional, after death care

and funeral options, empowering families to make the

best choices for yourselves and your situation.​

When a death occurs you’re dealing with intense emotions

and need to quickly begin to make decisions; at a time

when it’s hard to know if you understand the options or costs and

what is actually needed. 

It can be stressful and challenging.​​

Fully customisable service, with a focus on sustainability;

transparent fees; open information sharing – all aiming to

demystify the conventions by encouraging gentle and courageous conversations about death.

A group of local women, passionate about helping you get

what you want and need from a funeral.   

Supporting engagement and facilitating creative,

personalised solutions that

best reflect the uniqueness of every life lived, giving

You the Freedom to do it Your Way.

© 2018 by A Graceful Undertaking Ltd

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