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Empowering you and your family

When someone dies, you’re dealing with intense emotions. You might feel powerless and emotionally overwhelmed. Nevertheless, there are important decisions to be made very quickly; at a time when it’s hard to know if you understand the options or costs and what exactly is needed. This can be stressful and challenging.

Therefore, we will walk with you every step of the way, offering support, knowledge and resources, encouraging you to take your time, and to remember that other people's normal is not necessarily relevant.


What matters is that this feels right for you


Demystifying the journey

Our fully customisable service is focused on:


Transparent fees
Open information sharing


Demystifying the journey by encouraging gentle and courageous conversations about death

​​Creative, personalised solutions

Fostering engagement and facilitating creative, personalised family-led funerals that truly reflect the uniqueness of every life

Giving You The Freedom to do it Your Way

Shrouded home funeral in the garden
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