I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend A Graceful Undertaking Ltd.  My late wife met Jo at a hospice presentation and decided she liked the service they offered.  When the time came we were able to care for my wife at home on our own using only Jo's guidance all the way to the funeral service.  Jo was always available to answer any questions and led us thru the whole process with dignity and without any fuss.  I had been thru this process with my late mother so I knew how it went, but we did not want to go the traditional way again.  We wanted to stay in control, not have someone in a black suit tell us how it had to be done and take over.  Then present us with an astronomical bill.  Jo took care of all the necessary arrangements, leaving myself and my daughters to care for my wife's body, from death to cremation.  This gave us a good time with my wife, Helen, to say goodbye in our own home in a dignified manner gaining better closure.  Cost was also a concerning factor to us we built our own coffin and transported it ourselves, at no time was any pressure put on us to use any services other than what we requested.  Consequently the whole process came within a price frame we could comfortably afford.  If you are of a will to care for your loved one on your own at home I doubt you will find a better service than A Graceful Undertaking can provide.  Thank you Jo and the team.

Douglas, Kamo, December 2019


"I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and thank you for the amazing job and service you provide for whanau at such a difficult time. I'm really glad our paths crossed and that I was aware of the beautiful and versatile experience you offer. You slipped so easily and gracefully into our lives with knowledge and comfort for a moment, a moment that we will remember with much respect forever! Thank you."

Shelly, Waiotira, September 2019

"These ladies are amazing, caring and supportive. From answering my message at 10.30 pm on Monday evening to speaking openly and being available when our family needed it.  Having my Mum at home in her own surroundings our family could spend as much time as we wanted with her. This definitely helped the grieving process."

Venee, Whangarei, May 2019


"Tena koutou katoa - on October 17th 2018 I lost my beloved Mama. She was 88 years of age. Before Mama passed I emailed A Graceful Undertaking and from the first email answer back I knew I had struck gold. I was very clear about what I did and did not want for Mama after her death, but less sure about finding the right help to make it a reality. Jo & Jo helped me to take care of Mama after her passing in a dignified, gentle and respectful manner. Mama was treated with utmost care and did not leave our home until the day of her final service and cremation. She was beautiful, lying at home, unembalmed and restful. All the details that made her service graceful and memorable were taken care of by these women without any fuss.... so appreciated both then and now. My utmost thanks go to Jo & Jo for helping to make Mamas final journey a beautiful one that has left her loved ones peaceful.  

I am recommending you to all I talk to. Arohanui, Lisa Paki-Ututaonga and whanau xx"            Lisa, Te Kopuru, October 2018

"Thank you for treating my family as if it was yours. The goodbye was made so much easier working with you to ensure Ruby's wishes were met. I highly recommend A Graceful Undertaking, for a personalised service."

Dani, Warkworth, July 2018

"When my husband died in May our family were so glad to know that Jo and Jo were starting up an Undertaking business. We didn’t want men in dark suits looking very serious, nor did we want a hearse, embalming or the feeling that everything was being taken out of our hands. Jo and Jo were wonderful, keeping us informed as to any legal requirement, showing our family how to care for my husband’s body, sorting out the cremation and generally supporting our family to organise a very lovely send-off for my husband and a celebration of his life. We wish them well in the further development of their business."

Pat, Whangarei Heads. May 2017

"A Graceful Undertaking - and that is exactly what it was. When my husband died suddenly at home the family and I were in shock as we faced devastating heartbreak and loss. On top of that was the bewilderment of ‘what do we do?’. The Saint John’s Ambulance were absolutely wonderful but there was still all the procedures and proprieties to deal with and we had no idea where to start. The two Jo’s were mentioned and we contacted them. Jo M came to our home immediately and gently led us through what they offered and how to go about things. The very genuine empathy she had with us was immediate as was the absolute respect that was given to my husband. From that moment we experienced a service (and I am reluctant to call it that because it was so much more) that eased us through the processes required. Death notices, venues for the service, death certificates, caskets, physically looking after my husband, burial or cremation ….. the list went on and on and during a time of extreme emotional trauma the love, respect, care and understanding that came with the ‘Jo’s’ was a balm. There was humour also which helped keep us all sane! We were able to keep my husband at home throughout and were a part of his final journey. Daily visits and phone calls from them kept the wheels turning smoothly. Nothing was a problem for them. If we had a query or a request it was dealt with calmly, efficiently. The communication with us was quite exceptional and we always felt consulted and involved. It was very personal, all about my husband and the respect given to him throughout was so genuine and touching. The family and I will be forever grateful to these amazing women for the care they took, for their gentleness, the love they offered, their understanding, their humour, their kindness and their professionalism."

Carol, Onerahi, July 2017

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