• Professional Fee  $3,160 
    Includes ​all visits and consultations, logistics and organising, support and advice;
    after life care and dressing, use of materials, management and oversight; processing all paperwork, checking arrangements and filling gaps.  

    After hours, weekend and statutory holidays may incur additional charges.

  • Hearse  $335 per use within a 25 km radius of central Whangarei​. 
    Additional fees will apply for travel beyond 25 km.

  • Coolroom  $80 per night

  • Casket from $820 or Shroud from $830

  • Doctor's Fee from $75, possibly up to $350 (depending on doctor and timing)

  • Medical Referee  $45-55 (depending on doctor, required for cremation)​

  • Cremation Fee 
    From $965 Maunu Crematorium

  • Burial Plot varies according to location
    $2,927 standard plot and $2,928 natural burial plot at Maunu Cemetery, Whangarei

  • Digging Fee varies according to location
    $941 at Maunu Cemetery, Whangarei

  • Death Certificate $33 per certificate

  • Newspaper Notice from $100, depending on publication and size

  • Celebrant from $350, depending on choice

  • Other Costs Depending on choices: venues, catering, order of service/bookmark or similar, flowers

All prices include GST; effective 1 July 2022

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