Our range of Caskets and Shrouds includes (but is not limited to):

Departure Lounge Flowering Pohutukawa
Departure Lounge Pure Elegance
Departure Lounge Plantation
Western Heritage Rimu
Western Ply Rope Handles
index.jpg wool white in holly field.jpg
Taylor Made Tararua Long Bar Handle
Taylor Made Settler Rope Handles

Departure Lounge Premium Flowering Pohutukawa; $1,450 

Urn $295

Departure Lounge Premium

Pure Elegance;


Urn $295

Departure Lounge Plantation

Standard;     $820

Bamboo Shroud with built in carry straps

Burial;          $830

Cremation;   $910

Western Heritage Rimu with D handles


Rental including liner; $850

Western Ply with Rope handles

Standard;  $995

Large;       $1,100

Natural Legacy NZ Natural Wool, also available in Charcoal

Standard;   $2,200

Taylor Made Fencible Pine with Long Bar handle


(plus max $150 freight)

Taylor Made Pioneer Pine with D handles


(plus max $150 freight)

Taylor Made Settler Pine with Rope handles


(plus max $150 freight)

All prices include GST; effective May 2021

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