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Our range of Caskets and Shrouds includes (but is not limited to):

Departure Lounge Flowering Pohutukawa
Celebration Subtle.jpg
Departure Lounge Plantation
DLEssential Care Left Angle.jpg

Departure Lounge Premium Flowering Pohutukawa;  $2,320 

Urn; $370

Departure Lounge Premium

Beach Grass;  $2,320  

Urn; $370


Departure Lounge Premium
Celebration Subtle;  $2,320
Urn; $370

Departure Lounge Premium

Waxed;  $2090

Urn; $250

For full range see

Departure Lounge Plantation


Standard;  $1,345

Large;  $1,675       

Departure Lounge Essential Care

for those times when things are simple and no carrying is required.  Ply.      


A Graceful Undertaking Photoshoot-38 July22.jpg

Linen Shroud with built in ties and carry straps

Burial;  $995

Cremation;  $1,120

Western Heritage Rimu

Western Heritage, Rimu veneer with D handles;  $2,485

As Rental including liner;  $990

Western Ply Rope Handles
Wool.jpg Grey casket in field of heather.jpg
Tautoko (1).jpg
Koiwi Manaaki.png
Raised lid MoeMaiRa.png
RTS Kowhai Rosewood_handles.png
CSK-WL-WD 079.png

Western Ply with Rope handles

Standard;  $1,425

Large;  $1,630

Natural Legacy NZ Natural Wool, also available in wool white

Standard;  $2,700

Outside the Box cardboard

Undressed;  $645 Dressed;  $760 

Also available with printed designs

from $1,330


Korowai Caskets

Tautoko; ply

Standard; $1,710  


Korowai Caskets
Moe Mai Ra; raised lid, ply   
Standard; $2,420  


Koiwi Manaaki Urn $385  

Return to Sender Kowhai Rosewood

Standard; $1,880

Return to Sender Woodhill

Solid pine, waxed finish

Standard; $1,800

Large; $1,940

All prices include GST; effective June 2024

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